Simply do more with less.
Serving Boise, ID and the Surrounding areas

Hire an INTENT minimalist coach to help you sift thru the nonsense to bring you simply what matters.

Specializing in:

Creating Capsule closets (40 items of ready to wear)
Creating European closets (15 items or less of ready to wear)
Displaying to inspire
Hauling away unwanted items

Get Your House in Order

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You may take a look at your space and feel like getting organized is an impossible task. Think again. I have the skills and experience you can rely on for all of your organization needs. My services include:

  • Minimalist coaching: I can help you learn how to do more with less.
  • Professional organizing: make sure that everything in your space has a place.
  • Declutter serivces: I will help you declutter your living space.
  • Digitizing: I’ll help you slim down old DVD's, VHS tapes, books, bills and more to help you lead an electronically organized life.
  • Hauling: after we decide what you no longer need, I can haul it away for you.